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Pomaire Pottery Garlic Holder

Handmade Chilean Cookware

Welcome to Pomaire Pottery, the home of unique handmade Chilean cookware.

Our carefully sourced Pomaireware© items are not only functional, but are highly decorative too, not to mention being fair trade. We work with a Fair Trade Federation member who supplies a wide range of pieces from rustic casseroles to pig faced salt pots and salsa dishes. Our range is full of individual pieces for your kitchen and dining room, or anywhere else you care to display them! They also make perfect gifts for any pig, frog or fish lovers out there!  All our items come with a booklet of typical Chilean recipes to try out in your new cookware.

Please take a look at our catalogue for details and prices of our products.

Locals from the village of Pomaire (pronounced Pom-eye-rie), just outside Santiago, have preserved a 150 year old tradition of working with clay using the same techniques handed down through the generations. Each piece is dried naturally, smoothed and then burnished with an agate stone before being fired.

Because Pomaireware© distributes heat evenly, it maintains the moisture of the food so is perfect for casseroles, pies, soups and slow cooking. Not only do they make perfect oven to table items, but can be used on direct gas heat (low to medium) and electric hobs with a diffuser. This makes them the perfect all-round cookware essential.

With family connections in Chile, we are very proud to be one of the first to bring this beautiful and truly incomparable pottery to the UK. We will be developing our site over the coming months, so please do come back and visit. We will be expanding our retail points and invite anyone interested in purchasing wholesale to contact us.

Many thanks for your interest and we look forward to introducing you to the delights of Pomaireware© from Pomaire Pottery. Once you have tasted food cooked in one of our pots, we are sure you will be back for more.